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festwelcomeLast year in August saw the inaugural Edinburgh eBook Festival.  And we’re back by popular demand.

The 2nd Edinburgh eBook Festival will be held RIGHT HERE from 12th -25th August 2013.

So what’s it all about?

This is the free festival that comes to you. That’s right. Where ever you are in the world, as long as you have wifi or computer access and/or a smartphone, ereader, tablet, ipad or pc you can join in the fun.

‘Events’ will run all day everyday from the short story slot at 11am right through to the reflective ‘conversations’ at 11pm.  At 10am each morning a daily update will alert you to the specific events on that particular day.  But you might like to bookmark the site so you can get here with just a click.  Or sign up to get our ‘alerts’ on email. Or like our Facebook page, (see the right of this page) or follow us on Twitter @edebookfest .

Generally speaking the events do not have ‘comments’ allowed ( you wouldn’t stand up and shout out in the middle of a performance now would you?) but for people who want to join in and/or are skilled at virtual multitasking – go to the Facebook page and have your say LIVE there. Think of the FB page as like hanging out at the bar. Or tweet of course and have your say #edebookfest. Sometimes the authors will be there, sometimes they won’t but you can chat about events to your hearts content 24/7 either on the Facebook page or on Twitter.  

There are so many ways to be involved and so much new writing to discover and so many new friends to be made ‘virtually’  throughout the fourteen days of the festival.

And if that’s not enough, with the Edinburgh eBook Festival you can be in two places at one time. Whatever else you are doing you can be with us too. On the bus? At work? Waiting for a ‘real’ book festival event?  Eating your breakfast, lunch, tea, dinner?

We don’t recommend attending the virtual festival while a) driving (it’s dangerous!) or b) having a shower (unless your equipment is waterproofed!) but other than that, we hope to virtually see you.  And if you just have to drive somewhere or take a shower, don’t worry because if you miss one of our over 170 event slots, you can catch up by going into the CATEGORIES section for that event and catch up in your own good time.

All events are run at BST (Being Scots Time aka British Summer Time) so you’ll need to adjust your clocks (and your lifestyles?) if you come from other timezones!

We don’t care what you wear, we don’t care what else you’re doing, all we care about is that you come and join us for a fortnight of writing about writing and reading about reading and writing about reading and reading about writing! All free.

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