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Festival Programme August 24th

August 24, 2013

fishThe final weekend. All too soon we’ll have to leave virtuality behind and get back to reality. Is it still out there? Don’t worry about that yet, because you’ve still got time to catch up on what you’ve missed and to enjoy what’s still to come and we countdown to the end of the festival when, as Peter Tarnofsky assures us, Everything will turn out Just Fine! And there’s a host of FREE ebooks on offer today in the event slots. So if you’ve worked your way through the Goody Bag already, here’s more for you!

Today we start at 11am with the final McStory. Cally Phillips’ Jings,Crivens, help ma Boab it’s Independence finds a startling likeness between Oor Wullie and a more famous ‘eck’.

At 12 – High Noon, we are still caught up in the mystery of what’s happened to Derek. Tune in to see if he’s been found – or eaten.

Then the animals take over. We had to let them or we knew we’d never see Derek again. Not even virtually.

At 1pm we have Animals #1 with five ebooks for young and not so young readers.

At 2pm we’re all grown up with Animals #2 and get to see the cats, dogs and rats behind a number of other ebooks. Not forgetting the inspiration for all of this, Derek the weathersheep, as far as we know the only sheep ever to have written 4 ebooks.

At 3pm Cally Phillips shares her penultimate ‘episode’ of her  festival long drama retrospective. Taking drama out of the theatre and beyond the boxes.

At 4pm it’s the final workshop session from Life Writing Workshop with Kathleen Jones

At 5pm We offer you the chance to create your own narrative/s  inspired by pictures (provided by animals) from the ebook festival. It’s just for fun but could be funny.

At 6pm in our author/narrator slot festival director Cally Phillips turns the questions on herself. More you didn’t know – revealed.

At 7pm McStorytellers has a BIG FREE LAUNCH.  We’ll say no more, just get yourself there if you like ‘Three for Free’ as a concept.

At 8pm we take a final look at the Comedy Fringe with Bill Kirton.

At 9pm our final Late Launch is Valerie Laws’, the Operator – launching this very day.

At 10pm there’s a chance to play catch up. But before you do, enjoy the Festival foto favourites as selected by the Festival Director.


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