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Daily Programme August 23rd

August 23, 2013

sueIt may look like we are winding down. With just the weekend to go, several of our residencies are reaching their conclusion – so make sure you’ve caught up on anything you’ve missed. For those who like stats – we’re pleased to say that yesterday  we cracked the 10,000 attendances at festival. So someone out there’s been having a good time. And more than 500 people have taken their Free Goody Bag from the site.  If you are one of them, don’t forget that each of the authors giving away free ebooks has also given away free ‘event slots’ at the festival so don’t miss out on the chance to read more free work.  What you’ve downloaded stays on your ereader, but if you miss the festival events – they’ll be GONE come Monday.

We begin as usual at 11am with a McStory. Today it’s John McGroarty with Mr Black

At 12 noon we get the weather from Derek. Or Shuggie. Or Derek. You never can tell with sheep.  They’re like the weather in that respect.

At 12.30 we lunch with an Author. Today it’s Joan Barbara Simon who tells us that ‘I’ is for Artefact.

At 2pm Sci-Fi residency. David Wailing, author of the amazing Auto Series has come to the end of the line. It’s his final slot and he looks at publishing and sci-fi.

At 3pm Cally Phillips continues with her drama (retrospective) residency. Today she takes us to ‘The Other Side of the Mountain.’ There is also another scene of We Wove A Web in Childhood to watch. And you can download the entire performance as an enhanced ebook from THE GOODY BAG if you don’t have the patience to watch scene by scene.

At 4pm Kathleen Jones  Life Writing workshops. Today it’s feedback for Workshop 6.   Even if you aren’t handing in ‘homework’ you can still enjoy the feedback.

At 5pm Our Advocacy residency for Week Two comes to a close with a broader look at advocacy publishing from Fair Trade to war protest to speaking out for child abuse victims.

At 6pm we begin a week long exploration of the relationship between the author and narrator.  Is the author dead as Barthes and the postmodernists suggest? Six very ‘live’ authors give their views to Festival Director Cally Phillips. Today,she questions her own author/narrator stance.

At 7pm we’ve come to the End of the Journey with Crime Writer in Residence, Chris Longmuir. And what a journey its been!

At 8pm we explore our final ‘Market Choice.’  We are always being told that marketing is key. Here are a few ‘beyond the margins’ ways that authors have  tried to take their little piggies  to market!  Tonight Derek the Weathersheep tells us how he made the big time with sheep erotica.

At 9pm we have the penultimate in our series of Late Launches where authors tell you about their recent releases. Tonight it’s ‘Anonymous’ with Dead Letter Office.

At 10pm Roz Morris picks her final Undercover Soundtrack. Tonight we are with Mark Staufer

And easing you into the night at 11pm for the very last time, Jian Qiu Huang engages you with another Conversation with the Universe.  Tonight he offers you some thoughts on what to do when you ‘can’t take it any more.’


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