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Daily Programme August 22nd

August 22, 2013
this is not an ebook

this is not an ebook

For those of you who’ve been paying close attention to the Beyond the Margins theme, this may raise a smile. Or simply act as a subliminal message to get a cup of coffee and sit down with your ereader of choice and enjoy all that the festival has to offer. It’s your choice but there’s only 4 days left to go. So catch up as you can and keep attending the ‘live’ events.

And to ‘catch up’ and get the ‘joke’ – try This Book Does Not Exist, Mike Schneider and perhaps The Author is not Dead (narrator) slots and you’ll not be disappointed. We hope.

Failing that turn your mind to mystery, crime and dirty doings down on the Festival Farm with Derek, Shuggie and Animals against the ebook festival.   Truly, something for all tastes?!?


We begin at 11am with a McStory. Today it’s Mr McStoryteller himself, Brendan Gisby with The Unofficial Burryman.

At 12 noon we dig deeper into the mysterious disappearance of our weathersheep Derek.

At 12.30 we lunch with an Author. Today it’s Patric Morgan. We’re thinking of Patric because in ‘real’ life he’s attending his father’s funeral today. This slot is in tribute to a much loved, greatly missed dad.

At 2pm Sci-Fi residency. David Wailing, author of the amazing Auto Series hits the penultimate slot, asking us ‘Who Wants to live forever?’

At 3pm Cally Phillips continues with her drama (retrospective) residency. Today she gives you the low down on kitchen sink drama Martian style, ‘When Time Stands Still.’  There is also another scene of We Wove A Web in Childhood to watch. And you can download the entire performance as an enhanced ebook from THE GOODY BAG if you don’t have the patience to watch scene by scene.

At 4pm Kathleen Jones  Life Writing workshops. Today she gives advice on how to ‘show not tell.’    Even if you aren’t handing in ‘homework’ you can still attend the workshops.

At 5pm Our Advocacy residency for Week Two continues with the ‘short approach’ to advocacy. Jock Tamson’s Bairns.

At 6pm we continue our week long exploration of the relationship between the author and narrator.  Is the author dead as Barthes and the postmodernists suggest? Six very ‘live’ authors give their views to Festival Director Cally Phillips. Today it’s Angus Shoor Caan’s turn under the spotlight.

At 7pm we’re still seeing all the ways to make crime pay, with our resident Crime Writer Chris Longmuir. Today she’s looking at serial killers in crime fiction

At 8pm we explore some ‘Market Choices.’  We are always being told that marketing is key. Here are a few ‘beyond the margins’ ways that authors have  tried to take their little piggies  to market!  Tonight Peter Tarnofsky talks about his experience with Kickstarter.

At 9pm we continue our series of Late Launches where authors tell you about their recent releases. Tonight it’s John McGroarty’s recent release, The Tower.

At 10pm Roz Morris picks another Undercover Soundtrack. Tonight we are with Dave Morris.

And easing you into the night at 11pm Jian Qiu Huang engages you with another Conversation with the Universe.  Tonight he offers you some thoughts on The Moment of Death.


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