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Daily Programme August 21st

August 21, 2013


Welcome to day 10 of the ebook festival.   Check out the picture. Not an ebook in sight. Be very afraid!   This is by way of asking for Forgiveness for the small confusion yesterday when Derek the Weathersheep was hacked and giant grasshoppers doubling as internet trolls and various other animal antics caused mayhem to the schedule. We are back on track today. We hope. Garry Stanton has recovered (we hope) from being called Gary Staunton and today it will all run smoothly and without an error or bug in the system. Yeah, right.  Still, it keeps you on your virtual toes.

Here’s today’s programme (allegedly!)

We begin the day as usual  at 11am with a McStory. Today it’s Don Masson’s Big Toe by Fiona Johnson

At 12 noon we investigate further into the mysterious case of Derek’s missing report. 

At 12.30 we lunch with an Author. Today it’s Mike Schneider, fresh from last night’s Market Choices.talking about his book (and its sequel) This Book Does not Exist  

At 2pm Sci-Fi residency. David Wailing, author of the amazing Auto Series is with us all week talking about things sci-fi. Today he’s exploring social networking in science fiction. Too close to home? You need to read this.

At 3pm Cally Phillips continues with her drama (retrospective) residency with insight into her play ‘Love is an Urban Myth.’ There is also another scene of We Wove A Web in Childhood to watch. And you can download the entire performance as an enhanced ebook from THE GOODY BAG if you don’t have the patience to watch scene by scene.

At 4pm Kathleen Jones  Life Writing workshops. Today it’s Feedback for workshop 5.  Even if you aren’t handing in ‘homework’ you can still enjoy the feedback.

At 5pm Our Advocacy residency for Week Two continues with Guerrilla Midgie Press taking an ‘academic’ approach and asking ‘Whose Game is it Anyway?’

At 6pm we continue our week long exploration of the relationship between the author and narrator.  Is the author dead as Barthes and the postmodernists suggest? Six very ‘live’ authors give their views to Festival Director Cally Phillips. Today, Cally talks to Peter Tarnofsky

At 7pm we’re still seeing all the ways to make crime pay, with our resident Crime Writer Chris Longmuir. Today she’s got a distinctly Scottish flavour as she looks at Tartan Noir.

At 8pm we explore some more ‘Market Choices.’  We are always being told that marketing is key. Here are a few ‘beyond the margins’ ways that authors have  tried to take their little piggies  to market!  Tonight we meet the man behind Philistine Press, Frank Burton.

At 9pm we continue our series of Late Launches where authors tell you about their recent releases. Tonight it’s a return visit from our Crime Writer in Residence with Chris Longmuir talking about her new release Missing, Believed Dead.

At 10pm Roz Morris picks another Undercover Soundtrack. Tonight she shares her  own musical ‘inspiration’ for My Memories of a Future Life.

And easing you into the night at 11pm Jian Qiu Huang engages you with another Conversation with the Universe.  Tonight he offers you some thoughts on ‘success’ and what it is, or may be.

We hope you enjoy the packed programme and if you have time, don’t forget to send in your pictures either to animals against the ebook festival Facebook Group or to the main site for your ‘where in the world is my ereader’   We’ll be showing the pictures HERE over the final festival weekend, so get to it.

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