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Programme August 17th

August 17, 2013

IMGP3125It’s the weekend. Time to kick back and catch up with all that you’ve missed. AND to visit live events as they happen.  We’re well on the way into the festival now with some 77 events down and a 100 still to go, so make sure you spend the weekend here (word is it’s going to rain all weekend anyway!)

11am with a McStory. Today it’s Scots Away by Angus Shoor Caan

At 12 noon we get the weather from Derek. Or Shuggie. Or Derek. You never can tell with sheep.  They’re like the weather in that respect.

At 12.30 Dennis Hamley is back. This time it’s nothing to do with the supernatural.  See him from a different perspective – gritty realism. He’s hosting a weekend lunch party to re-launch his novel Out of the Mouths of Babes.  It’s available for free in the Goody Bag.

At 2pm we welcome Sue Price and Alan Hess who have pulled out all the stops to give us something truly ‘beyond the margins.’  If you have no idea what ‘functional literacy’ means then you should attend this event.  It’s a two part interactive workshop and today Sue and Alan introduce you to the concept of ‘stories for learning’

At 3pm Cally Phillips continues with her drama (retrospective) residency looking at plays that never get produced and living in the moment. There is also another scene of We Wove A Web in Childhood to watch. And you can download the entire performance as an enhanced ebook from THE GOODY BAG if you don’t have the patience to watch scene by scene.

At 4pm Kathleen Jones will give her third workshop feedback. Even if you aren’t handing in ‘homework’ you can still enjoy the results of other people’s labours.

At 5pm ‘Who let the dogs in.’ The Animals Bite back.

At 6pm Cally Phillips takes the blog rolling adventure to its penultimate stage.

At 7pm Chris Longmuir our resident Crime Writer looks at psychological crime fiction

At 8pm it’s part two of our Travel Writer in Residence Jo Carroll’s mini break.  Travel the world from the comfort of your ereader.

At 9pm  we welcome Mari Biella with a weekend Horror residency.  In case you were missing all that psychological and spooky stuff she introduces you to the peculiar pleasures of being scared.

At 10pm Roz Morris picks another Undercover Soundtrack. Tonight we are with Festival Director Cally Phillips who thinks that ‘creativity is for everyone’

And at 11pm a real treat for those of you who have been following the Conversations. A chance to meet the man behind the reflections. Cally Phillips makes friends with The Yellow Banana himself.  

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