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Programme August 15th

August 15, 2013

IMGP3125Everyone seems to be well in their stride with the festival now.  It’s certainly not jam packed house full at any live event, but people are creating their own ‘live’ schedule and catching up when they can. And that’s fine too. We don’t care when you attend an event, as long as you come – and if you come, enjoy yourself – and if you enjoy yourself don’t keep it to yourself- tell everyone in the whole wide cyber world!

And today’s programme should have a ring of familiarity about it now too. Which is not to say that each new event isn’t hand crafted and unique. And just waiting for you to enjoy. So get started at 11am – remember there’s 13 events in 13 hours. How lucky is that?

We start as usual at 10am with a  McStory. Today it’s Born the Bred by Alasdair McPherson.

At 12 noon we get the weather from Derek. Or Shuggie. Or Derek. You never can tell with sheep.  They’re like the weather in that respect.

At 12.30 it’s your chance to have lunch with Roz Morris who tells you about her recently launched ebook. Nail Your Novel – Bring Characters to Life.  Complete with video interview! You can also catch Roz every night at 10pm with the Undercover Soundtrack. That’s a BOGOF offer isn’t it?

At 2pm Catherine Czerkawska has reached her penultimate slot with her mid-list residency  – Today she talks about ‘Wagging the Tail’. Intrigued? Get yourself over there.

At 3pm Cally Phillips continues with her drama (retrospective) residency. Today she spills the beans on ‘We Wove A Web in Childhood’. There is also another to watch. And you can download the entire performance as an enhanced ebook if you don’t have the patience to watch scene by scene.

At 4pm Kathleen Jones will give feedback from her second Life Writing workshop session. Even if you aren’t handing in ‘homework’ you can still get plenty from her feedback. AND HAPPY BIRTHDAY Kathleen. Thanks for being virtually here and providing feedback even on your birthday. Such dedication!!

At 5pm Our Advocacy residency continues with a look at a remarkable project ‘Writers on the Inside’ Ingrid Ricks interviews Mercy Pilkington.

At 6pm Cally Phillips takes another step on the Blogging adventure with Part one of three in an exploration of ‘the blog roll’ and how to consume it.

At 7pm Chris Longmuir our resident Crime Writer looks at something that has a huge following – The Historical Crime Novel.

At 8pm our Comedy Fringe is back. Bill will be telling you of the CHOICES gleaned from comments in response to his first event, and giving you a deadline to GET FUNNY.

At 9pm Dennis Hamley reaches the penultimate part of his supernatural residency and takes a short story FACES apart to explore exactly what makes up a ‘spooky’ story.

At 10pm Roz Morris picks another Undercover Soundtrack. Tonight we are with Andy Harrod. Enjoy.

And easing you into the night at 11pm Jian Qiu Huang engages you with another Conversation with the Universe.  Tonight he introduces you to the ‘ipad monk.’  Now that’s really something to think about!

What else is around the festival? Well, there’s the Goody Bag – that’s proving a real hit. But don’t forget, when you’ve filled your ereader with free books, those very same authors are here LIVE giving you free events. Check the programme daily and give them a visit – every event is FREE. And if you can’t make it to the live slot, be sure and catch up in your own time.

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