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Programme August 13th

August 13, 2013

fest1Have you got over yesterday yet? Well, it’s time to do it all again today.  Thirteen events over thirteen hours – something for everyone.

We open with our first McStory at 11am. It’s Home-Koming Night by Allan Watson.

At 12 noon we get the weather from Derek. He’s already causing trouble. An ‘animals against the ebook festival’ group has been launched – it’s just jealousy. And ‘English’ people are complaining the weather isn’t ‘for them’…  don’t miss the controversy at High Noon.

At 12.30 The GOODY BAG is launched.  Fill your virtual boots .Lots of free ebooks from our participating writers – all free for all!

At 2pm Catherine Czerkawska continues with her mid-list residency  – Today she asks ‘Dead or Sleeping. ’

At 3pm Cally Phillips continues with her drama (retrospective) residency. And another episode of We Wove A Web in Childhood.  You will be able to get the entire enhanced ebook of the play + performance from the Goody Bag from 12.30 if you really can’t wait to see each scene played out over the next fortnight.

At 4pm Kathleen Jones will give feedback from her first Life Writing workshop session.

At 5pm Our Advocacy residency continues with Ingrid Ricks telling about the project with troubled teens that turned into the ebook ‘We Are Absolutely Not Okay’.

At 6pm Cally Phillips takes another step on the Blogging adventure – join the blog roll as it explores a personal history of the history of blogging.

At 7pm Chris Longmuir our resident Crime Writer looks at Mystery in Crime Fiction.

At 8pm we have a LIVE LAUNCH. Kirsty Eccles will be on her Facebook page  to chat about her collection The Price of Fame and other short stories (available free from the Goody Bag)

At 9pm Dennis Hamley asks: what exactly are ghost stories in part two of his supernatural residency

At 10pm Roz Morris picks another Undercover Soundtrack. Tonight we are with Vivienne Tuffnell.

And easing you into the night at 11pm Jian Qiu Huang engages you with another Conversation with the Universe. 

Oh AND where’s my manners.  It’s Stuart Ayris birthday today. HAPPY BIRTHDAY STUART!!!  If you missed his spectacular festival launch you can catch up with it HERE before you head off to McStory land at 11am!

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