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Programme 12th August

August 12, 2013

festwelcomeA warm welcome to Day 1 of the 2nd Edinburgh eBook Festival. Drum roll, twirling batons and all that virtual jazz.

In the next 14 days you’ll have the chance to ‘attend’ some 177 virtual ‘event’ slots right here – wherever you are in the world and ALL free.

Each morning at 10am we’ll post up the day’s programme.  Make sure you’ve bookmarked us or Liked our Facebook Page or Followed us on Twitter so that you won’t miss a minute of the action.  We don’t care how you find us or how you connect with us, we just want you to join in the festival fun as often as you can.

PLEASE NOTE THAT ALL TIMINGS ARE BST (so adjust to suit your timezone) and that all events will be archived in their relevant CATEGORIES (see right of screen) once they are past, so you can catch up what you’ve missed – if you can bear to miss anything!

So. Without more ado.  Here’s today’s programme.

11am A bit of a Pre-Festival warm up with MR McSTORYTELLER (Brendan Gisby)

12 noon. Your first chance  to get the festival weather from DEREK THE WEATHERSHEEP. Yes, you did read correctly. Derek (the celebrity) weathersheep. If you’re not intrigued enough to find out more by coming to this event, you may toil over the coming fortnight.  So get into the festival mood and let Derek tell you whether you can afford to put your washing out today.

OUR FESTIVAL LAUNCH EVENT happens at lunchtime (That’s 12.30 till 2pm) with STUART AYRIS.   He has recently compiled an omnibus edition of his remarkable Frugality Trilogy. It’s published TODAY as ebook and paperback.

At 2pm we have the first in a five part residency with CATHERINE CZERKAWSKA our ‘mid lister’ in residence.

At 3pm we have the first in a festival long residency with Festival Director CALLY PHILLIPS giving us both a  retrospective on her ‘dramatic’ career and an opportunity to watch her first performed play ‘We Wove A Web in Childhood’ in episodes throughout the festival.  You’ll also be able to download this as a freebie from the Goody Bag (from tomorrow)

At 4pm KATHLEEN JONES  introduces her Life Writing Workshop, which will run for the duration of the festival. There is an interactive element to this workshop for registered participants but it’s open  to everyone else as well.

We have held back a couple of places on this workshop for first come, first served today. So if you want to register and take part click HERE for more information and email us BEFORE MIDDAY. 

At 5pm INGRID RICKS begins her five day Advocacy Residency giving you a bit of background and showing how to ‘focus’ on the issues.

At 6pm CALLY PHILLIPS begins a week long exploration into All things Blog and Blog Rolls in particular.

At 7pm CHRIS LONGMUIR begins a festival long CRIME residency where she takes you on a journey through the many branches to show that sometimes, maybe, Crime does pay!

At 8pm BILL KIRTON begins a Comedy Fringe Workshop – this is an interactive event – let’s see just how funny you all are!

At 9pm DENNIS HAMLEY begins his five day  ‘Ghosts’ Residency where he looks at the Supernatural in Fiction.  Don’t switch the lights off just yet!

At 10pm you may need a bit of calming so why not head over to ROZ MORRIS and The Undercover Soundtrack.  Roz has picked some of her favourite participants from the last year and you can catch up with them and the music that inspired their work, with just one click.

And easing you into the night at 11pm (unless you’re in Australia with Jian himself, where it’s already tomorrow morning) it’s time to meet up with JIAN QIU HUANG for some reflective thoughts in our Conversations with the Universe, which runs each night throughout the festival.

We hope you enjoy your long day with us and would ask you to share this page and tell all your friends about every event you enjoy. It’s easy to share. Just click the buttons at the bottom of this post for your network of choice – or get out and about telliing people on your own facebook page or tweet about us to the skies.  The more people you tell, the more people we’ll get through the virtual doors and the bigger the festival party will be.  Don’t keep it to yourself. If you LIKE the festival SHARE the festival. It’s free for all and there is infinite space.


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