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Festival Countdown #1

August 11, 2013
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Time to get off the bookshelf and get down to the festival

It’s so nearly there you can almost touch it.  In 24 hours we’ll be kicking off the 2nd Edinburgh eBook Festival.  We hope you’re well prepared. If not, surf around this site a bit to get yourself up to speed.
In the last 12 days of Previews we’ve given you a flavour of the ‘key’ events happening around the festival but there’s more – much more.

Not just residencies and workshops and launches and lunch dates and music and ‘conversation’ but a myriad of other things is just waiting to COME TO YOU.

Don’t forget the free ebooks from the GOODY BAG and the Facebook Photo Competition  ‘Where in the World is your ereader?’  Just post your photo and caption on the Facebook Page and It’ll get added to our festival album.

There are open forums to have your say and a daily weather update from Festival Weathersheep in Residence Derek the Weathersheep.

The official ‘opening’ of the festival is at 12.30 (BST) August 12th with Stuart Ayris and the official ‘closing’ of the festival is at 7pm (BST) on Sunday 25th with Peter Tarnofsky.

In between there’s over 170 ‘slots’. That’s over 170 opportunities for you to visit the site and find something new, exciting and different – beyond the margins.

We’re taking  a last chance here to answer some questions and give you some festival tips to make sure you get the most out of every day.

How will I know what’s on?

At 10am (BST) every morning up on the site goes the day’s programme. We’ve gone ‘beyond the margins’ and not given out a full programme in advance because we want to keep it fresh and keep you coming back for more.  It’s all free after all.

There are a lot of ‘themed’ events (residencies, workshops and features) which run for a week or two weeks and shorter weekend ‘extras’. There are one off ‘shorts’ and epic ‘journeys’ which take place over the full festival fortnight. We have tried hard to make sure there’s something for near enough everyone with an interest in ebooks but we don’t expect that everything will appeal to anyone.  This is a festival aimed at adults and so some of the language is best described as ‘rich’, though there is no intention to offend anyone.  But whether you are into crime (fictionally speaking!) or music, or reflection, comedy, drama or whether your interest is in looking at what makes writers tick or how publishers make their choices we hope you’ll find something to amuse, entertain and enlighten you at this year’s festival.

What time is it at the festival?

All the timings are set to BST since we are a Scottish based festival. But you can ‘adjust your set’ wherever you are in the world and take part. We have participants from Europe, America and Australia so you’ll be in good company wherever in the world you are joining us from.

Getting the most out of the festival.

Some of our event slots encourage interactivity. Others require that you reserve your ‘comments’ for the public forums.  The workshops and ‘event slots’ which welcome your comments will be highlighted. Other slots will have comments disabled. This way you can see when it’s appropriate for you to join in (so don’t worry, you won’t upset anyone by shouting out your views in the middle of an event which isn’t designed for audience participation) If you just have to have your say as it happens or if you are super skilled in being at many places at one time, Facebook and Twitter are always open and always ready to listen to your points of view 24/7 throughout the festival.

Comments on the site will be moderated and offensive material and spam removed.  This is a public place, so please treat it and other visitors with respect.

Some of the festival event slots link to outside sites. We encourage you to play around and explore offsite but don’t forget to come back to us for the next event! We have events every hour from 11am to 11pm.  (Weather updates at High Noon) and Lunch runs from 12.30 to 2pm. And don’t forget, if you miss anything you can catch up later in the event archive.  We don’t care where in the world you live, what time you visit us, or what you’re wearing. We just want you to come. For an hour, a day or the full fortnight, you are welcome to the free for all of a lifetime at the festival that comes to you.

Remember if you haven’t already booked your place on the Life Writing workshop there’s one more chance to do it.  Register your interest immediately.  Limited places and when they’re gone, they’re gone.

How to find your way around the festival.

At the appointed hour the ‘event slot’ will pop up on the screen as if by magic (believe me, it’s not magic, it’s hard work!) and remain there for the whole hour.  Once a particular ‘slot’ is ‘past’ it is archived under the appropriate event CATEGORY which you can find on the right hand side of the page.  All events will remain in archive for the duration of the festival so that if you miss something you can always catch up at your own convenience.

Remember. We don’t care who you are, what you wear, where you are or what you are doing – this festival COMES TO YOU and it’s all FREE.  We look forward to virtually entertaining you over the next fortnight – don’t forget to tell your friends all about it and to log on as often as you can.

I wish you a happy festival

Cally Phillips (Festival Director)

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