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Festival Countdown #3

August 9, 2013

Hey, we’ve just one more weekend before it all kicks off. Make sure you’ve checked your links, attached yourself to our social media if that’s your thing, and generally practised with the wifi enabled device of your choice so that you KNOW that wherever you are and whatever you are doing you won’t have to miss a minute of the festival action.

david_wailingSci Fi Residency with David Wailing

Sci Fi is a really popular genre both in mainstream and indie publishing and David Wailing is a great new talent taking the indie world by storm. How he’s not been ‘discovered’ by the mainstream yet amazes me, but then that’s one of the great things about indie publishing – you can find all kinds of writing which is ahead of the mainstream ‘curve’.  I believe David Wailing is one of these writers and his Auto Series is an incredible, unique look into life as it may be lived in the year 2022 (that’s not far away now, is it?) which will have you looking at your smartphone in quite a different way.  But it’s not just the concept behind his stories which is great, the way they link together is amazing. He manages to fuse thriller and romance into his sci-fi stories – reminding us that the best science fiction is both based on fact and deals with people and real life scenarios which we can all relate to.  David hosts his residency at 2pm (BST) from Monday 19th through to Friday 23rd August. Even if you don’t think you like ‘sci-fi’ I advise you to read Auto Series because you won’t look at the way you engage with the technology we take for granted today in the same way.  Pick up your smart phone – and see what an Auto could do for your life – to your life – with your life.

 Six Authors hiding behind Narrators

This event strand looks behind ‘stories’ and into the minds of the authors who write them. A number of writers who do ‘interesting things’ with narrative voice in their work were given a series of questions about their narrative choices by Festival Director Cally Phillips. Each day at 6pm (BST) from Monday 19th to Sunday 25th August you can read their responses.  The authors ‘hiding behind their narrators’ (or not) are Dan Holloway, Peter Tarnofsky, Brendan Gisby, Cally Phillips, Angus Shoor Caan and Stuart Ayris.   It’s a bit of a kick in the teeth for Barthes ‘The Death of the Author’ and postmodernism in general.  And worth a read for anyone who wonders ‘how much of the writer is in the story’ or ‘can I trust this narrator at all?’  These are the questions –and answers ‘behind’ the stories. From the live authors mouths.

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