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Preview countdown #4

August 8, 2013

dennisYesterday we  alerted you to the Horror mini-residency with writer Mari Biella. Today we’d like to alert you to the ‘Ghost’ residency hosted by Dennis Hamley, a man with over 50 years of publishing history, who is still going strong. This festival he launches his short ‘ghost’ story collection Out of the Deep (as well as his young adult/crossover novel Out of the Mouths of Babes) and at 9pm on Monday 12th –Friday 19th August he shares a comprehensive run through of ‘the supernatural in fiction’ aiming to show that you don’t have to ‘believe’ in ghosts to enjoy ghost stories.  Dennis is also offering a sampler of his own short stories as well as links to ‘old favourites’ in the genre.

We also have in store some ‘behind the scenes’ stories.  Market Choices is a sort of ‘This little piggy goes to market’ singing ‘I did it my way.’  Various writers and publishers give you their take on ‘ways to get to market’ with ebooks. Marketing is essential to publishing but for many writers its an anathema. In the eBook world though, one has to take on much more of this responsibility for oneself (even if traditionally published) All the talk is of ‘author platforms’ and ‘visibility’ and the like and we explore through our ‘Market Choices’ slot a range of innovative ways that writers ‘bring their work to market.’  This event slot runs from Tuesday 20th to Friday 23rd August and includes Mike Schneider (This Book Does not Exist), Frank Burton of Philistine Press, Peter Tarnofsky on the Kickstarter experience and Derek the Weathersheep on cornering the sheep erotica marketplace (or how to sell 1000 books in 3 months)  There truly is something for all tastes at this year’s eBook festival.

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