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Preview Countdown #5

August 7, 2013

The countdown has reached 5 and hopefully you just can’t wait for the festival to start! Don’t forget, we have over 170 separate ‘event slots’ and nearly 40 individual writers just waiting for you.

Residencies are the cornerstone of the festival this year, whether they be full length extravaganzas or weekend specials.

immagine001One such weekend special is our ‘horror’ residency with Mari Biella.  Mari’s own The Quickening is a tour de force of ‘horror’ writing harking back to the gothic, Victorian style and is talked about itself in more depth in our ‘supernatural writing in fiction’ residency with Dennis Hamley (more of that tomorrow!) And Mari gives us her two part take on horror in fiction at 9pm on Saturday 17th and Sunday 18th August.

And in case just thinking about horror gives you the willies, at 11pm each night we offer you the chance to take some time for peaceful reflection with Jian Qiu Huang and his ‘conversations with the Universe.’ steven (1)Inspired in part by an eastern philosophical tradition, and brought all the way from Australia for the festival, these are modern thoughts about real modern concerns, explored through an interesting marrying of contemplative thought and internet technology.  Get yourself a hot chocolate, or your favourite tipple, and open your mind at the end of a very long, festival going day.

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