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Countdown to launch #9

August 3, 2013

Our countdown to the festival launch continues with more insights into what you can enjoy.
What would a festival be without some drama? Or comedy? We offer you both.

Drama Residency with Cally Phillips
smallcallySharp at 3pm (BST) every day of the festival, Cally Phillips our Festival Director, will be hosting a retrospective of her ‘career’ in the theatre. And if that’s not enough (or more than enough) you’ll also get the chance to see a ‘serialised’ version of her first performed play.

We Wove a Web in Childhood’ was first performed 20 years ago and to commemorate that event Cally has made an enhanced ebook (available free at the Goody Bag throughout the festival) in which not only can you read the playscript but you can see the full play performed (in rehearsal) from that first production. So if you don’t have 10 minutes a day every afternoon to sit and watch the play unfold, you don’t have to miss out. You can download the whole ebook and take it at your own pace.

Here’s a short (under 2mins) sample to whet your appetite! Please note this is melodrama. And a 20 year old recording. 

Comedy Workshops with Bill Kirton

mugshotBill Kirton is a funny man. Even though he’s perhaps better known as a Thriller writer, he has quite a comedy pedigree and he’s giving you the chance to ‘join in’ and be ‘funny’ during the festival fortnight. Bill will be hosting a ‘live’ virtual workshop where you and he choose comedic ‘topics’ together and then you ‘write’ sketches which can be shared online. This is very much an innovative concept and as with all comedy, who knows what the result will be. It’s all about the timing of course and Bill will be popping up at 8pm on various days throughout the festival to keep you laughing!

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