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Countdown to LAUNCH DAY… #10

August 2, 2013
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spread the word

Yes, just 10 days sitting on the bookshelf waiting  to go.

Here at the Previews we want to give you a ten day countdown to some of the great things we have lined up for you. Just before we do that though… let’s try and clear up some confusion. Still, it amazes me, some people’s response to the ebook festival is ‘I wish I could come but I’m nowhere near Edinburgh.’  Sigh.  It’s the problem with innovation.  People take time to catch on to the idea while we are beating our foreheads wondering: How clear can we make it?


Wherever in the world you are you can ‘visit’ the festival simply by coming to this site.  It is an ONLINE festival. If you have a computer or wifi enabled device you can come to the festival from wherever (and whenever) you are (Yes, you may have to adjust your time clock as our events are run at BST – but you can catch up on anything you miss by clicking on the Categories)

If anyone can come up with a simpler way to explain this, please let us know.

Yes, we know it says EDINBURGH ebook festival. That’s simply because last year, when we came up with the concept we decided to make it a ‘virtual’ alternative to the ‘REAL’ book festival which runs at the same time in REAL Edinburgh.  It’s a JOKE if you like!

We could have called it the WORLD ebook festival (sounds a bit over-grand?) or the VIRTUAL ebook festival or something else, but we didn’t.

Cally Phillips, the festival director was brought up in Edinburgh and has explained (at length) previously why she came up with the idea.  Sorry if you missed that. You can catch it again here

Now, assuming that everyone is up to speed with the idea that this is an online, virtual ebook festival where you don’t have to ‘really’ go anywhere or ‘really’ queue up or ‘really’ pay money but just sit at home or wherever you happen to be and go ONLINE and read the ‘events’ as they pop up at hourly intervals… here’s what you can look forward to.


Mid-list residency with Catherine Czerkawska

Author Catherine CzerkawskaAt 2pm (BST) from Monday 12th through till Friday 16th August, novelist and playwright Catherine Czerkawska is our mid-list writer in residence. That means she’ll be giving you her thoughts about writing for the mid-list and detailing some of her experiences over her career doing just that – writing for the mid-list.   So if you’ve wondered what ‘the mid-list’ is or whether it’s something you should even think about – come along and find out what it’s all about from someone in the know.  In five easy portions. One a day. Virtually.



Life Writing workshop with Kathleen Jones

pictureIf you were paying attention yesterday (if not, scroll down from here) you’ll have read the announcement that Kathleen Jones will be holding a Life-Writing Workshop throughout the festival. This takes place every day at 4pm (BST) and if you are quick you can have the chance to get involved as an ‘interactive participant.’

Places are limited simply because there’s only so many writers Kathleen can give feedback to at one time and she’s set the limit at twelve.

If you’re bursting to be one of them, read yesterdays post which tells you what to do.

Note that we will hold back 2 places for the first day of the festival, for anyone who misses out on previews, but advice is to get in quick to ensure that you can take full part.

If you are an ‘interactive’ participant you will be expected to do the workshop exercises set and email them for feedback the same day.

If you can’t commit to that, or miss ‘the cut’ you can still get plenty out of the workshops.  Kathleen will be delivering 7 ‘workshop’ sessions and on alternate days giving ‘feedback’ of the work submitted to her by the participants.  All of which will still be of great interest to anyone who is keen to learn how to learn life-writing skills.

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