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News that’s too hot to handle from the virtual bookshelf

July 24, 2013

(for anyone who is getting bored of reading about Royal Babies)

fest1The previews haven’t even started but I want to share some HOT NEWS with you from ‘around’ the festival.

As if we needed further proof that some of the dudes (sorry, writers) we’ve got at the festival this year are well worth your attention, here’s a brief update of what some of them are up to:

Ingrid Ricks our Advocacy Writer in residence has just had her memoir ‘Hippie Boy, A Girl’s Story’ picked up by mainstream publisher. And to celebrate she’s sharing the joy by running reader giveaways HERE all this week.

Derek the Weathersheep has been making hay while the sun shines (despite FB pissing on his parade) and the final part of his Fifteen Grades of Hay trilogy is due out later this week.  Don’t miss it! CLICK HERE FOR MORE NEWS

David Wailing our Sci Fi writer in residence has just about recovered from his Auto Series online virtual launch party.  All who attended ate, drank and made merry long into the night. Some scored free ebooks, some just kept throwing themselves into the 5ft high virtual chocolate fountain. Oh, yes, sci fi people are no longer geeks, they can party like its 2022.

We’ll have Dennis Hamley on ghost writing. Real ghost writing.  Not the kind of JKR pretends to be Robert Galbraith or ‘who wrote Katie Prices latest work of fiction’ type ghost. The kind that go bump in the night. Or don’t.  We’ve added a whole new 6pm slot to accommodate Dennis (well, I’m too chicken to read about Ghost things late at night!)

And in that same slot there’s going to be an ‘investigation’ and ‘exploration’ about the creativity which blogs can inspire.  Called ‘The Blog Roll’ it’ll give you something to chew on if you eat your tea at 6pm.

Catherine Czerkawska will be at the ‘real’ Edinburgh Book Festival on 21st and 22nd August (fresh from her mid-list residency here 12th -16th) talking about epublishing.  It’s not free like we are, but if you are in Edinburgh it might be worth a visit.

Previews start in 9 days when you’ll get the opportunity to start finding out more about who and what will be happening at the festival. Including an opportunity to sign up for one of the 12 places on Kathleen Jones life-writing online workshop which will run at 4pm (BST) throughout the festival fortnight.

Meanwhile, even though deadline for submissions long since past, more writers keep crawling out of the woodwork and begging to be included.  We’re currently at 165 slots over the 2 weeks. That should be enough to keep the most avid festival goer going!

And we’re even having a goody bag for every visitor. Free ebooks galore.

It’s going to be a great fortnight.  Don’t forget to join us. And bring your friends.  It’s free for all.

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