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Party like its 2020 or later…

July 21, 2013

autoOur sci fi writer in residence David Wailing is launching his omnibus edition of the Auto Series TODAY on Facebook. Get over there. Why? Well quite apart from anything else, he’s giving away a free copy (RRP £1.99) every hour on the hour to the first person past the post post!   And instead of hanging around there virtually in hopes of FREE and getting sad because my fingers aren’t young or quick enough (no Playstation training for my thumbs) to actually get my post in first I thought a)I’ll buy my copy- because I have read some of these stories and I know this is a BARGAIN (especially in a world where JKR – even in disguise as Robert Galbraith – is charging £7 odds for an ebook – come on, it’s an ebook!!! But even this pales into insignificance when faced with the most expensive ebook in the world which I saw today. I wanted a copy of a book that for REAL costs £150. Ridiculous price eh? £50 second hand.  (It’s a book about history of Scottish literature – makes me wonder why they are making it so hard for ‘ordinary’ Scots to actually buy such a thing) Anyway, I checked out the ebook version. It was nearly £90. YEP.

So on that basis – and indeed on any basis – David’s Auto Series is a flipping bargain. And a blinding good read.  And that’s why I’m telling you about it now. Free party and a free book! Can you believe it?

Is that not enough for you? Well, it’s given me a chance to tell a few more people about the 2nd Edinburgh ebook festival (as I said, David is our sci fi writer in residence)where we have a full 165 event ‘slots’ happening for a fortnight from 12th -25th August – so get yourself down there. Previews start on 1st August. It’s the ‘festival that comes to you’ and all you need is an ereader/tablet/pc/computer/wi fi connection and a bit of imagination to take part. And it’s FREE. Yes, all free.

blAnd in case you try and fail repeatedly to get hold of a free copy of Auto Series, I’m offering a FREE copy of my own ebook version of Brand Loyalty to the first five people to LIKE ebook festival (with comment) on Facebook today. 

Brand Loyalty was originally launched online in 2010 – in good old paperback version and is now also available as an ebook in all formats.  So just let me know if you want kindle or epub in your comment and I’ll get one to you forthwith.  To find out more about Brand Loyalty (if you need more motivation than FREE)  check it out HERE or read a review from the now defunct IEBR or the Amazon reviews for more of an idea.  I don’t court Amazon reviews – not a fan of the 5 star system but I’ve been too lazy to transfer reviews from other sources onto the publishing site just yet.

However, that’s enough about me. Remember I’m really plugging DAVID WAILING’S virtual launch party. And of course the ebook festival.  But it looks like you have 3 for the price of one. And that price is FREE.  What else are you gonna do today? Watch the golf? Right about now Mickleson looks like he’s got it sewn up anyway.

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