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July 19, 2013

derekWhere in the world is Derek the Weathersheep?

It’s been a torrid time in festival virtuality recently. Only yesterday festival scheduling ground to a halt.  Reason? Took a while to find out.  ‘Question about content’ – but eventually it turned out it wasn’t about ‘quality’ but about ‘quantity.’  Apparantly it is unreasonable to plan ahead. (for free, I bet you can if you pay premium rates) 100 scheduled posts is the limit. We have 165 events (more of that later) so we ‘bust our limit’ by being organised in advance.  So now Week 2 has to be saved as ‘draft’ and scheduled in quickly while the festival is underway. You the festival goer shouldn’t even notice this, but it was annoying enough to mention ESPECIALLY in the light of a more iniquitous thing that happened yesterday.

Derek the Weathersheep has been banned off Facebook (possibly not the first time this has happened, but stupid none the less) The ‘reason’?  Well, apparantly he’s not a REAL PERSON and so cannot have his own page.   (Find out more ) He can however have a ‘public figure’ PAGE but just not a person profile.  ( So you can still FOLLOW HIM HERE )  This may seem insignificant to you if you’re not ‘into’ FB in any real way BUT think on.  He has worked hard on his FB personality and built up a large following on FB and they have all been cut off without explanation – they will have to FIND the lost sheep again (if they’re not smart enough to have signed up to (something I urge you all to do RIGHT NOW)  You can get daily weather updates from Wales (we all need that now don’t we?) plus news and gossip with a distinctly Welsh ‘flavour’  and connect with Ewes of the World and all sorts of good stuff.

Here at the ebook festival we are right behind Derek. He’s our ‘star’ guest. Last year it was Jack MacRoary (but he’s becoming a recalitrant teenager and may only appear here in the McStory slot as his ‘An International Bestseller’ has fallen by the wayside due to Jack having far more ‘important’ things to do on his summer holiday. Maybe Jack could help put Derek back on the map?  Anyway, here at the festival we don’t really care so much how you define people (or sheep) as REAL. It’s more important: are they funny? Do they have something to say?  If I had my way I’d FB ban loads of ‘real’ people for the boring drivel they post daily. Derek is a beacon of hope in a tediously ordinary world. A ray of sunshine in the Welsh valleys. And he should not be banned from anywhere simply because ‘sheep aren’t people’ and/or ‘he’s not real’ under some concept of reality.  Derek is real to me. He’s real enough to appear at our virtual festival. 

So we’ll be right behind Derek all the way in his attempt to get ‘unbanned’ – Derek the Weathersheep takes on FB.  What a battle.  Are there no sheep at FB? Just because Derek doesn’t follow the herd, he’s discriminated about.  We won’t stand by and let it happen. We want Derek to know he’s welcome here everyday at High Noon and we hope you’ll all buy into some Welsh lamb humour and support him to the hilt.

Do what you can. Tweet. Share on FB (yeah, get right in there) alert your friends, family. the media. Pull any strings you’ve got. Derek’s voice should not be silenced.  And his many devoted fans should not be left at the abbatoir without any idea where Derek’s got to.  Get Derek ‘trending’ and back in the game.

MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAJake the sheepdog is right behind Derek (in a good way) Can I point out that Jake is a real dog. Or ‘was’ a real dog but he’s dead now. That doesn’t stop him following Derek.  Would he be banned from Facebook for being a dog or for being dead. I might just go and try and sign him up for an account and see.

Jake will not appear in this festival though. Not because he’s a dead dog but because he has no connections with ebooks, having died before they were born.

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