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One month to go…

July 12, 2013

festwelcomeExcitement hits fever pitch. (Well, work hits fever pitch anyway) We’re deep into construction getting the festival ready for the big free for all and it’s time to give you an update on how things are going and what we’re looking forward to sharing with you.

From 11am right through till 10pm each night there will be ‘events’ at more or less hourly intervals. We start at 11am with a short story. Mr McStoryteller, Brendan Gisby hosted a competition for stories around the theme ‘Being Scots’ and the winning entries are on show each morning. At the end of the festival you’ll be able to get hold of the McFestival Collection as an ebook or paper copy.

At high noon we have secured the services of the infamous Derek the Weathersheep who will give you a ‘sheeping forecast’ each day. This is not to be missed.derek

We have lunchtime ‘events’ around authors and their works with launches and general ‘get to know’ sessions on a range of authors. The LAUNCH event of the festival will be a look at the phenomenon that is Stuart Ayris, who has recently completed Part Three of his Frugality Trilogy.

massesAt 2 in the afternoon we give ourselves over to residencies, with a Mid-list residency hosted by Catherine Czerkawska in week one and a Sci-Fi residency hosted by David Wailing in week two. At 3pm throughout the festival, Director Cally Phillips is running a ‘retrospective’ Drama Residency which includes the chance to see her first performed play  ‘We Wove A Web in Childhood’  scene by scene. The play is published as an enhanced ebook for its 20th anniversary. (We believe this may be a theatrical first!)


At 4pm Kathleen Jones will be running a Life Writing Workshop. There are twelve places open for ‘feedback’  participants (though everyone else can participate as well) If you want a place on the course it’s first come first served so keep your eyes peeled for ‘registration opening’ information which will be announced during our ‘Previews’. Previews for the festival start on 1st August.

At 5pm we’re back with residencies. In Week One our Advocacy residency is hosted by Ingrid Ricks and in Week Two Guerrilla Midgie Press hosts their Advocacy slot.

chrislWe’re giving you time to have your tea (or dinner or an early supper, depending on what you call it) and are back at 7pm with Chris Longmuir providing a thoroughly comprehensive crime residency each night. At 8pm Bill Kirton will be hosting a Comedy workshop (participation welcomed) and when the comics are busy at work there will be a chance for ‘late launches’ where you can find out about more new writing (some more adult themes here). At 9pm we shift the focus to music and Roz Morris hosts her version of Desert Island Discs for writers, showcasing some of her favourite ‘Undercover Soundtracks’ from the past year. At 10pm we close in reflective mood with Jian Qiu Huang’sConversations with the Universe’ giving you something to think about long into the night.

horseAt weekends we’ve got some other exciting things coming up. Mini residencies with Horror writer Mari Biella and Ghosts with Dennis Hamley. A mini-break travel residency with Jo Carroll. On top of this, if you aren’t already overloaded, we’ve got some commentary on ‘market choices’ and some writers and publishers giving you their personal views on the ‘state of play’ and how they ‘do it’ in the modern world of digital publishing. And why they do it the way they do.

We also have a FREE Goody bag section. Here you can pick up a whole host of free offers (mostly downloads of ebooks) during the festival, thanks to the generosity of our participating writer/publishers.

We feel sure that by the time the festival closes, at 9pm on Sunday 25th August, with Peter Tarnofsky’s launch of his new short story collection ‘Everything Turns out Just Fine’ you’ll be more than ready for bed – with an ereader stuffed with good, new writing –and a to be read list as long as your arm. Job done. Until next year.

How to access the festival.
Those of you who visited the festival last year – and that was a goodly 9,000 folks, will find that its even easier to move around this year. Each ‘event’ will be posted up live at the allotted hour and then archived within a ‘category’ for the duration of the festival. So if you miss an event you just have to go to the category section and you’ll be able to catch up in your own time.

Please note, all timings are BST (Being Scots Time) and you’ll have to adjust your clock (and sleeping patterns?) to these times to attend ‘live’ – but whereever you are in the world you can always catch up in your own timezone! 

For those who are new, and those who need daily guidance, we’ll be posting the day’s highlights each day at 10am.
All you need to do is bookmark the site or make sure your ereader wifi is enabled and go to the each day.

We thought about an ‘app’ but all the app would do would be lead you to the site. And we found a more elegant and simple way to do this. It’s called Tactilize. Designed for ipad users you can download the tactilize app and find the festival that way.  CLICK HERE FOR OUR WEBPAD SITE

To see how the web pad is looking right now (Obviously we are content lite as the festival is not yet open!)
You can click the view online below and be whisked straight there.

Designed on Tactilize (view online)



We welcome your thoughts and comments about the festival. But you wouldn’t stand up in the middle of a ‘live event’ and talk (or heckle, would you?) so we’ve reserved interactive contact via Facebook and Twitter. This way you can have your say without disturbing other audience members (or putting moderation strain on the festival team!) Just think of yourself as a virtual ‘audience’ member while you’re on the site. The exception is some of the ‘live’ workshops where there is the opportunity to participate – we’ll give you information how at the appropriate time. If you want to get the interactive festival ‘atmosphere’ you can do it by sharing your thoughts post event (or during if you can’t wait) by posting messages on either the Facebook page, or tweet in real time #edebookfest .

Festival Preparation.
Things you can do to get yourself ready. (Some or all of these as appropriate to your ereading medium!)
Like the facebook page. Follow us on Twitter @edebookfest.  Check out the twitter hashtag #edebookfest. Download the Tactilize app (and familiarise yourself with it) Bookmark the site. Test it out on your ereader.

And from 1st August you can come and see the ‘Previews’ which will be posted every day – giving you more information of what’s to come and a chance to get involved in the workshops.
Keep your batteries charged! In every sense of the word. With over 150 ‘events’ happening in 2 weeks , you’ll need all your wits about you to keep up the pace.

Addresses for your virtual diary.

The site: 

The webpad page (on tactilize)

Like our Facebook Page

Follow us on Twitter @edebookfest and join in at #edebookfest during the festival.

Please also note. We are in no way connected or endorsed by the Edinburgh Festival or Edinburgh Book Festival. We are a completely independent unaffiliated online entity in our own right – we just offer everyone the chance to experience something of ‘festival life’ during the Edinburgh Festival season – FREE and IN THEIR OWN HOME. We are the Free Festival that comes to you. 

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