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January 4, 2013

We are happy to announce the opening of submissions for participation in the festival.

What are we looking for?

Residencies. We are looking for virtual ‘in residence’ roles. These are people who are prepared to promote a genre or specific ‘theme’ such as ‘Thriller writer in residence’ or ‘Romantic writer in residence’ or ‘Poet in Residence’  ‘Mid-lister in residence’ or the like.  The resident writer will be knowledgeable about others in their field not just promoting their own work.

Proposals for events and series of events.  Whether you’re keen to talk about advocacy or what makes a great book, or setting up a reading group or how to review effectively, or an expose/round up of great blog sites,  we’re looking for interesting and challenging events (particularly series of events) that will open up the world of epublishing to the public.

Workshop ideas – for more technical things. The festival this year will focus more on readers and less on writers but there is still space for authored pieces on aspects of epublishing.  A series showing people how to engage with Sigil for example.  Or how to write enhanced ebooks.  Your idea should have an appeal to writers and/or readers.

What we are NOT looking for. 

Submissions of single person/work.  If you are going to be part of the festival we expect you to be working on behalf of others in your chosen field.

We are also not looking for publishers (or writers) looking for a free way to get ‘exposure’. We could charge people to promote their work and ask people to pay for slots but we’re not going down that route. We want to present a festival which is full of work that really enthuses people, where writers and publishers are prepared to put themselves on the spot and promote others for the love of the work NOT for the hope of personal gain.  Work that otherwise might not gain visibility.

We will showcase individual writers/publishers by invitation only. We are not short of candidates of people whose work we’d like to showcase.  But what we are actively looking for is people who can think outside of the box and share with a virtual public things about their own specialism or area of interest.

We will not be oriented specifically for children. There will not be a children’s festival. (But if someone wants to run one, feel free to go ahead and we’ll be happy to talk co-promotion) This is because a lot of the content at our festival will NOT be appropriate for children. Young adults, yes, but not children. It’s nothing against children or children’s ebooks but a recognition that there is a divide and that much of what we offer is not suitable for the engagement of the young and impressionable! We are providing adult content for adult readers over the age of 14.

What to submit?

You are invited to put in a submission which outlines the event/s or ‘slots’ you would like to promote – with as much detail about the writers or ebooks you would be showcasing in your event/residency as possible.  Give us an indication of how many ‘slots’ (effectively these are blog posts/pages) you would take and what the content would be. Of any interactivity you can offer such as YouTube, social media tie ins etc.

If you are suggesting a residency then give us a good idea of the scope and content of the work you will promote.

If you are suggesting an event/series of events give us a good idea of the theme, participants, style and the like.

Your commitment?

We also require that you submit your proposal and commitment to take an active part in the promoting of the festival. Give us your ideas and skills – are you a twitter whizz, do you have social networking skills, PR skills, marketing skills. Tell us what you can bring to the party and show us your commitment to promote the festival BEYOND your own participation. The festival will reach more people the more people are actively working to promote it. And as a participant we expect that you be prepared to put in a regular commitment (before and during the festival) promoting the work in it  – and NOT just the work that you have submitted yourself.) You will be expected to commit to having a regular virtual presence during the duration of the festival! But this can be from anywhere in the world of course! If you’re planning 2 weeks in a remote place without internet access for August – don’t apply. Otherwise, feel free. What we need is people who will spread the word constantly as far and wide as we can.  We want to be a good viral experience, reaching as many people as possible. We can only do this with everyone pulling hard and working together.

Deadlines:  Closing date for submissions is 1st March 2013.

You will be notified whether you are to be included in the programme by 30th March 2013.

We will make our inclusion selection based on the quality of the proposed idea and how well it fits in with the general aims and ‘look’ of the festival and on your personal commitment to promote the festival.  We don’t carry passengers. This is a collaborative effort with everyone playing a part in the team. If you’re not a team player – don’t apply.

If you are a participant you will be expected to deliver your programme by 30th June 2013. (This gives time to build the site and tweak out the gremlins in advance of the ‘action.’)

Please submit your proposal as a word document attachment to to whom any further correspondence should be directed.




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